General Questions

Q. 1. What is the meaning of Urbana Jewels?
Ans: The word Urbana comes from the word Urban. Urbana Jewels means a Urban Jewel. Jaipur is well known for its Gemstone Industry & by keeping the same in mind we have kept our project name as "Urbana Jewels". The names of our various blocks are also in the name of Gem Stone like Emerald, Ruby, Opal, Topaz, Garnet, Pearl and Sapphire.

Q. 2. Total land for Project?
Ans: 20 Acres or 32 Bigha or 93740 sq. yd. or 78408 sq. mtrs.

Q. 3. Total numbers of flat?
Ans: 1200

Q. 4. Is there any shop (Market) provision?
Ans: Yes. We have a Commercial Block spreading into approximately 11000 sq. ft.

Q. 5. Is there any Temple?
Ans: Yes, We are building a temple in the complex. The location of the same is behind the Topaz Block in North East Corner.

Q. 6. What will be the percentage of stamp duty for Males, Females or in joint name and senior citizen case? Are there any other charges payable?
Ans: Present Stamp Duty is - 4% in case of female, 5% in case of Joint name & 5% in case of male, Surcharge-10% and registration fess of 1% of registry value or Rs. 50,000/- whichever is less is also payable. Co. will appoint lawyer who will give service to customers for registry of flat & also charge a minimal fees. Customers can also go through with their own lawyer for process. Stamp Duty rates can be changed any time by Government.

Q. 7. Full system for executing Sale Deed?
Ans: We will send you a Notice for taking possession of the Flat. This notice will also be accompanied by the printed and stamped copy of the Sale Deed and a complete statement of account showing the dues, if any, further payable by you before registering the Sale Deed of the Flat. We will also send you an approximate stamp duty and other charges payable on the Sale Deed of the Flat. You have to sign the Sale Deed and send it back to us. You will have to come to Jaipur on the appointed date along with the necessary payment and documents required for executing the Sale Deed. It will get registered in Registrar office and thereafter the original sale deed will be sent to you. If you have availed bank finance then bank will also act as a third party in Registrar Office and original copy of Registered Sale Deed will be handed over to the Bank / Financial institution under intimation to you. If there is any change in the process than the revised process will have to be followed.

Q. 8. What is the government planning nearby the project?
Ans: The Sector plan of the area have been announced and likely to be sanctioned shortly. The Sector plan provides wide road having good approach from SEZ road to Ring road. JDA has come out with a colony in the name of Swaran Vihar just opposite the project.

Q. 9. How NRI can book the flat and how can he get the bank finance and tax benefits?
Ans: NRI are allowed to acquire and hold residential property in India. The payment can be made out of their NRE/NRO account or by direct remittance from out of India. They can retain it for their personal use or rent it out. The rental income is also allowed to be repatriated. All the Banks are giving housing loans to NRI's subject to submission KYC and income documents.