Choosing the type of flooring for a kitchen can be a more tricky decision to make than most would like to give it credit for. The two options that are available in the market are: 1) a wooden/hardwood flooring or 2) A vitrified tile / marble flooring Each of the above two types of flooring…Read More

A highly progressive and post-modern personality necessarily requires a diverse set of influences in its room’s decoration. Adding vintage pieces to your room’s paraphernalia can be a great way to enhance diversity of your room’s décor. Although it is funny that it is only ironic that a progressive individual can indicate his open-mindedness by utilizing…Read More

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When it comes to room decoration one should leave no stone unturned as the interior design and presentation of your room speaks volumes of your own personality and concomitant thought process. Colour coherence and seamless amalgamation of room’s furniture into the essence of a room are things that one has to be very careful about….Read More

Pre-fabricated homes mean those homes where major components are ready to be installed. Unlike the traditional way of construction where a lot of raw material, concrete, bricks, wood work, steel girders had to be brought onto the construction site, the ‘modular’ method of construction requires only the installation and fixation of various ready-made ‘modules’. These…Read More

Got a small balcony and don’t know what to do with it? Don’t worry there is lots you could do with your tiny outdoor space. Getting the maximum out of your space is not difficult, you just need to be innovative. Lots of people nowadays live in apartments with small similar balconies. A bit of…Read More

So are you one of those apartment dwellers who do not have the luxury of a courtyard or a garden? Don’t worry your balcony can always be a substitute for these. Most people are looking for that private space where they can go to relax and enjoy some fresh air. So why not convert your…Read More

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It’s hard to get a spacious house for oneself nowadays if you’re tight on the budget. Small apartments can really be frustrating if you do not know the right ways of using the space available and organizing your things. However cramped apartments can also be kept clutter free, if you follow some of these simple…Read More